Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gator launches flaming tribbles at QueenOfPatron #BlackPaw

Ahoy Mateys!

@RealFakeGator launches flaming tribbles at QueenOfPatron

#BlackPaw plundered @TinyPearlCat's nip stash!


We've plundered @TinyPearlCat's nip stash!

2016 Crew Manifest

Arrrr, Me Heartys! 'Tis our crew!

Cap'n Owen
First Mate
Mr. Breeze
Ship's Surgeon Gator
Midnight FormerFeral
Boatswain Angel Prudence
Bo'sun LadyGreyFox
Able Seaman Daantje
Second Mate Pandy
Swashbuckler Mario
Steward Katie
Capstan Koko
Wench Oprah
Powder Monkey Ragamuffin
Steward Stunning Keisha
Honorary Second Mate
Angel Bugs Bunny
Honorary Steward Dylan
Ordinary Seaman Kush
Wench Heather Sage Katt

Pants Steward Pepi @Pepismartdog

Wikipedia: Seafarer's professions and ranks

Monday, September 12, 2016

Space Pirate #nipclub Thursday Sept 15

Space Pirate ship Black Paw

Arrrr, Me P'toks!

Dis Year da Black Paw going to space! If you wants to sail wif us please give @kittehboi a shout.

Read about it on #nipclub bloggy.
Get ready for Star Trek's 50th Anniversary and PIRATE Day MASHUP! Coming Sept. 15th at #NipClub

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Crew, @henryperemptory #BlackPaw @OwentheTonk @realfakegator

Arrrr, Me Heartys!

Please welcome new crew member ‏@Henry da Pyrate. Henry will be pressed into service next time ye #BlackPaw sets sail.

Henry says,
Jan 15
It SOOOOO COALD I've desided to bee a Pyrate on a Tropicle Island. Wiv a Parrott.