Monday, September 22, 2014

A Call To Arms!!! #nipclub #BlackPaw

Arrrr, Me buckos, it be that time o' year again.

2nd Annual TALL SHIP Regatta!!! at #NipClub on Sept. 25th, 2014. Send a tweet t' t' Captain o' t' #BlackPaw, @OwentheTonk so we can get you on t' ships manifest.

Contact the #nipclub team for a costume.

Purrr DJ Commander kittehboi will be playing Pirate music from 10-11PM ET.
This month #nipclub benefits Little Paws Kitten Rescue. Please donate a few doubloons if you have them.
Don't ken t' Pirate language? Avail yourself o' t' English t' Pirate translator!

English-to-Pirate translator

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