Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Dreaded Black Paw is back for NipClub Regatta

Arrrr me hearties! Be sure to join the fun!
August 30th, 2012
#NipClub TallShip Regatta

Arrrr!! Th' infamous Black Paw, Scourge of the Seven Seas, 'll be joinin' th' race.

#nipclub Arrrrrr Trimmed and tight, wif flags flying.  It da ... on Twitpic Arrrrrr @OwentheTonk 'Tis our flag! @thenascarkitty on Twitpic

To Be a Pirate on The Black Paw contact Pirate Captain @OwenTheTonk or First Mate @Kittenboi.

Cap'n @Owenthetonk and First Mate @kittehboi


First Mate

Ship's surgeon

Old Jig Dancers Club
@PepiSmartDog 'Pirate Pants'

@flicka47 - she only turns right.


Bosun's mates
@CathyKeisha "Teeth and Claws"
@sisfurcats "Mad Bugs, Scourge of Rodents and Birds"

#NIPCLUB Arrrrr! "Mad Bugs, Scourge of Rodents and Birds... on Twitpic
Arrrrr! "Mad Bugs, Scourge o' Rodents and Birds" at your service!
#nipclub Arrrrrr 'Tis Terrible @tildatoo, t' most f... on Twitpic
Arrrrrr 'Tis Terrible @tildatoo, t' most fearsome o' piratesses!

Galley Wench

@Danepoes #tonkmafia

Junior Swashbucklers